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Featuring Dead Presidents and their Graves, Gravesites, Birthplaces and Homes. 

This is a website about the Presidential Sites I have visited. I have documented most with photographs and the stories about my visits. I hope you enjoy it! 

All the pictures on this website were taken by me or one of my friends I talked into traveling with me unless otherwise noted.


Need a program for your service group or historical society? I have used my website to create a Powerpoint presentation. I tell stories about my travels and toss in some presidential trivia. The program lasts about an hour. I have lectured to Museums, historical societies and service clubs throughout Western New York. Email me to find out more


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You're not alone. A lot of us do this. Here is the Presidential Graves Visitors Hall of Fame

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Note on the Directions: I have added directions to some of the Presidential Sites, I have done my best using internet resources to make sure they are accurate, but I can not guarantee that they are. Whenever visiting historical sites, I recommend that you call them for the hours they are open and double check the directions.


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