Chester Arthur
I visited Chester Arthur's grave at the Albany Rural Cemetery on July 20, 1996 with my brother Charlie and nephew Jeff.

It is my third dead president, and it was before I started taking pictures. So, I'll have to go back. It's only three hours from my house and my brother lives close by, so next time I go to see him, we'll go back.
I revisited Arthur's grave on April 17, 2004. The directions to the gravesite is well marked and it is easy to find. We were in a hurry, this being the first of many stops that day, took our pictures and left for Kinderhook. 

Chester Arthur's grave in Albany Rural Cemetery. He is buried in the family plot near his wife, children and parents.

I think his monument is one of the more unique of all the presidents. I wonder what it would look like if they polished up the copper angel. 


Base of Arthur's grave, complete with copper name plate and presidential seal.
To see a video of the grave, click here




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