Franklin Delano Roosevelt

FDR, is buried in the rose garden at the Franklin Roosevelt Library and Museum in Hyde Park, NY

My girlfriend, Peggy, her daughter, LeAnne, and I went to my brother's house in April 2004 for a massive Eastern New York / Hudson Valley Presidential, Vice - Presidential, and Presidential opponent tour. On April 17, we (the three of us, plus my brother and nephew, Jeff) visited three presidential graves, two vice-president's (not included 2 that also served as President) and one Presidential opponent grave.

FDR's place is really easy to find in Hyde Park. There are signs all over the place. He is down the street from the Frederick W. Vanderbilt Mansion.

The complex has a new visitor's center, and we paid the money and toured the house.  

To get a better picture of me at the grave, Peggy talked me into jumping the little barrier and running up close to the headstone to get my picture. It was the second time I had to jump a fence to get close to a gravesite. (The first time was Frank's cousin's grave, Teddy.)

From a postcard.
Photographed in 1944 by B. Movin Hermes


The traveling crew on FDR's porch. (Except for Peggy, she is taking the picture
FDR's Grave in the Rose Garden


FDR's home, Springwood
Eleanor's Cottage, Val-Kill is about a mile from the main house.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Home of Franklin D Roosevelt National Historic Site


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