John F. Kennedy

Technically, JFK is my first presidential gravesite. I saw his grave while on a family vacation when I was 8. I also saw Taft's grave that day (even though it was from the tour bus. They pointed it out and kept on driving.)

I count Kennedy when I saw his grave on my Virginia Dead Presidents tour on September 6, 1997.

President Kennedy's Grave

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1966
(from the 1962 life sketch)
By: William Franklin Draper
National Portrait Gallery
From a postcard
GPS: N 38 52' 53.4", W 077 04' 17.3"


Me at Kennedy's grave
Below: Photograph of President Kennedy. Acceptance Speech Hyannis Armory Nov. 1960.
(From a Postcard)


When I was vacationing in Cape Cod in October 1997, I stayed a few blocks from the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis. I went on a few walks in the area, but I wasn't able to find exactly where it was. I didn't want to look like a tourist (even though I was) so I didn't bother to ask. I think I saw the gate surrounding it, but I can't be 100% sure. I also didn't want to look over the fence, that would be rude, and they deserve their privacy. Anyway, they probably would have released the hounds.

This picture is from a postcard. 


Dealey Plaza
Dallas, Texas
Date of Visit: September 23,3023

John F Kennedy National Historic Site

John F. Kennedy Library and Museum


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