Millard Fillmore

Millard Fillmore

Fillmore is the first presidential grave I have visited since I began this quest. Why Fillmore? Well, I live only 30 minutes from Forest Lawn Cemetery, in Buffalo, New York.

Forest Lawn is a beautiful cemetery full of locally famous and historic people. The cemetery is really a park. Many locals have their Sunday picnics there, and many wedding photos are shot there.
Grave of Fillmore. I have visited Fillmore's grave a number of times. This photo was probably taken in Autumn 1996. I was alone, and there wasn't anybody around, so that is why I'm not in the picture. As soon as  I'm in Buffalo with a few extra minutes and a camera, I'll get one of me at the grave.  


Millard Fillmore House in East Aurora, NY. I visited there on December 30, 2006. I had to go to East Aurora for a funeral and didn't bring the camera I wanted to, but I had my digital in the car, but the batteries were dead. I took this pictures with my phone. It was closed, so next summer we'll go back.

The flag is at half mast out of respect for the death of President Ford.


August 2006

Visit to the Millard Fillmore Birthplace
May 20, 2023

GPS to the house:
N 42 46' 07.91"
W 78 37' 20.19"

Video of Fillmore Grave



Millard Fillmore House

Burial Information from the Forest Lawn Website


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