Martin Van Buren

I visited the grave of Martin Van Buren on July 20, 1996. It was the second Presidential grave of my quest. It was before I started to take pictures, so I need to go back. I went there with my brother Charlie and nephew Jeff. Charlie lives in the area, so I will get the opportunity to go back.

Van Buren is buried in the Kinderhook Cemetery, Kinderhook, NY.

His home, Lindenwald is near the cemetery, open to the public, and operated by the National Parks Service.

I returned to Marty's Grave on April 17, 2004. It's hard to believe it's been eight years between visits! It was a great day for a our trip. That day we visited 2 other Presidential graves, plus more Vice - Presidential and Presidential Opponent sites.

We also went to Lindenwald, but it was closed. We didn't plan on taking the tour, but it would have been nice to go into the visitor's center and shop in the bookstore. The National Parks Service website said the site was open, but the house was closed and the grounds were open. So, it's a great reminder to call ahead and plan your visit, and make sure they are open.

Jeff and I on the steps of Lindenwald
Lindenwald, the home of Martin Van Buren
Historic marker for the birth site of Martin Van Buren. It is on the main road between the village of Kinderhook and Lindenwald

I'm betting that the pickup truck and the ranch style house wasn't Martin's.

Grave marker for Martin Van Buren
Martin Van Buren's gravesite in the Kinderhook Cemetery.


Martin Van Buren National Historic Site


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