Since I've started visiting Presidential Gravesites, I have met many others that share this obsession.
ere are some of them:


Number of Graves Visited
  Ashok E., Elgin, OH 38
  Brad F., Dayton, OH 38
Dan and Robin N., Ridley Park, PA 38
  Frank M., Bayonne, NJ 38
James B., Indianapolis, IN 38
Joe C., Manteno, IL 38
Jon B., Indianapolis, IN 38
Kurt D., Cranston, RI 38
Linda W., Hammond, IN 38
Molly B., Indianapolis, IN 38
Roger J., MN 38
Tim B., Forest, OH 38
Erik L., Brooklyn, NY 37
  Mark W., Lakewood, OH 37
  Josh R., Nashville, TN 36
  Brian S., Baltimore, MD 35
Bill C., NJ 32
  Bob F., Western NY 32
  John S., Columbus, OH 31
David S., Cambridge, MD 30
Jim H., Kenton, OH 28
  Jodi M., Iowa 27
  Mark N. 27
Tom B., Casa Grande, AZ 27
Jonathan B., Indianapolis, IN 26
Chad P.,Muncie, IN 25
  Ken J., Rogers, AR 24
  Steve L., Toledo, OH 24
  Peggy W., Corfu, NY 23
Brian & Renee M., Dayton, OH 22
Chris G., Peacehaven, East Sussex, England 22
Kelly F., Stockton, CA 22
Winston B., Winston-Salem, NC 21
  David G. 20
Steve R., Memphis, TN 20
LeAnne K., Corfu, NY
  Scott E., Mass 17
Joseph 16
Mark, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 16
  Colin M., Rosemount, MN 14
Rich W., Phoenixville, PA 14
  Jeff M 12
  James L. 10
  Kristen G., DC 10
  Kevin M., Dickson, TN 9
  Kristi P., Camp Wood, TX 9
  Michelle S., Denver, CO 9
  Helenah S. 8
  Warren R., Minneapolis, MN 8
  Adam C, Springboro, OH 7
  John S., Chicago, IL 7
  Lavonne, Navarra, FL 7
  Wheeler H., Dayton, OH 6
  Carin H., Las Vegas, NV 5
  Eirian, Buffalo, NY 5
  John, Omaha, NE 5
  Robbie F. 1
  * Note: There are 38 Presidential Graves  


Does you or someone you know belong on this list? Email me and don't forget to tell me where you're from, how many presidential graves you've been to and send a picture if you have one.


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