Richard Nixon


I visited the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda, California on March 30, 2005

Peggy, LeAnne and I decided to take a trip out west to visit my brother John. He lives in the area and on our first day in Southern California we made the 45 minute trip to Yorba Linda. Thankfully the traffic on the freeways wasn't too bad.

We got there just before opening time (10:00 a.m.) We spent about 2 hours at the museum and birthplace. (They are on the same grounds)

I really enjoyed the Museum. The layout was fantastic. When I go to some museums, I'm always worried that I'm missing something, but that wasn't the case this time. It gave the visitor a great overview on who Richard Nixon was.
Richard Milhous Nixon, 1968
By Norman Rockwell
National Portrait Gallery
From a postcard


In front of the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace
The fountain in front of the library


The reflecting pool behind the library


President Nixon's grave. It is about 20 yards from the reflection pool and about 10 yards from the back of the birthplace. Mrs. Nixon is buried to my right.


The Nixon Birthplace
It was built by the President's father from a catalog kit. The future president was born behind the window on the far left of the front of the building. The home is in its original location.


Nixon Presidential Materials - NARA

The Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace

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