William Henry Harrison

I visited the William Henry Harrison Tomb in North Bend, Ohio on June 19, 2003. My girlfriend Peggy, and her daughter LeAnne and I were going to Indianapolis for a convention and we made a side trip to see the tomb. I was sort of anxious to get to Indy, but I decided, when am I going to get a chance to go to Cincinnati and North Bend again. We went two hours out of our way but I got a couple more presidential sites.

Harrison's Tomb was really different. It is on top of a hill over looking the highway. It was very quite, beautiful, and peaceful.

William Henry Harrison
The final resting place of William Henry Harrison

Me at the Harrison Tomb. I have no idea what I am doing with my arms.
The ceiling is a little low inside the tomb, I had to duck my head just a little. Inside, there are a number of Harrison relatives, including John Scott Harrison, the father of President Benjamin Harrison.


William Henry Harrison's home, Grouseland, in Vincennes, Indiana. I visited there on June 21, 2003. But, I didn't go through the house. I was in a hurry, and didn't have a lot of time, so I went to the gift shop, bought a couple of things and I was on my way.


William Henry Harrison Birthplace



Berkeley Plantation - Birthplace of William Henry Harrison

Grouseland - Home of William Henry Harrison

Village of North Bend, Ohio Website

The Papers of William Henry Harrison (1800 - 1815)



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